Cliff’s Car-Tech provides reliable, comprehensive fleet services. Our skilled mechanics will work quickly and efficiently to provide long-lasting affordable solutions. We will help keep your business running smoothly and profitably by keeping your drivers safe and reducing downtime due to vehicle repairs. Let Cliff’s Car Tech worry about  your vehicle’s maintenance for you, so you can focus on what you do!.


Cliff’s Car-Tech is a locally trusted and respected auto repair facility. We provide quality services for affordable prices, and we get the job done right. Additionally, we treat each of our loyal customers like our neighbors, giving them an honest, reliable friendly level of service.

With 12 work bays our shop is equipped to handle a large volume of vehicles at any one time. We fix foreign and domestic and offer a 2 year nationwide warranty! You can be sure that when you bring your car or truck to Cliff’s Car-Tech, we’ll get the work done efficiently, properly and as quickly as possible.

What you can expect from our fleet services:

    • We’ will meet with your fleet manager to custom-tailor a programs that works for your company
    • Fleet Account Discounted Pricing (through economies of scale and volume)
    • Central Billing
    • Nationwide Warranty
    • Towing, Pick Up and Delivery
    • Annual Preventative Maintenance Programs
    • Proactive Maintenance – To ensure your service vehicles work seamlessly, it is important to regularly maintain them. We’ve got you covered with out annual Preventative Maintenance Program
    • Minimal Down Time – We understand your fleet has business to attend to, we’ll get the work done efficiently, properly and as quickly as possible
    • Nationwide Warranty – The Nationwide warranty protects your fleet for two years or for up to 24,000 miles. Ask us about it
    • Close Relationship with Customers – Unlike other repair shops, we will take the time to understand your business needs. We create customized service plans for your fleet vehicles. Cliff’s Car-Tech is a local business and a proud supporter of local business!

Call 281-855-2211 to take advantage of our Fleet Account Serv

At Cliff’s Car-Tech, we use the latest diagnostic technologies

therefore we get to the bottom of our customers’ automotive problems and as a result we are able to offer reliable, cost-effective solutions. If your car isn’t getting operating as it should we certainly invite you to call our experienced team of professionals today.