Our experts answer frequently asked questions regarding AC maintenance:

How Often Should My A/C Be Inspected?

You should have your air conditioning system inspected any time you notice a difference.  Properly maintain your AC and as a result your AC will last the life of the vehicle. Some noticeable differences may be the air isn’t as cold as it’s supposed to be, or it’s taking far too long for your vehicle to produce cold air. We can find out exactly why your AC isn’t working with just a simple inspection.

What Does “Recharging the System” Mean?

An auto repair mechanic may tell you that your AC system needs to be recharged. In other words, the system needs more refrigerant, also called Freon. Refrigerant is an agent that cools the air before it reaches the cabin of the vehicle.

Refilling the system with more Freon should be done with caution. Because your AC is a closed system, it’s possible that there’s a leak. When a leak isn’t fixed, it can cause much bigger problems with your air conditioner or cooling system. And PLEASE don’t try to recharge your AC system with freon from the parts store that has SEALANT in it, because you can create bigger problems, resulting in costly needed replacement of system components.  However, there’s no need to worry. With an AC performance check, we can find the issue and have you cruising down the road in no time!

Is the Cabin Filter the Same Thing as the Air Filter?

No. The cabin and air filter are entirely separate filters. That being said, all automotive filters have the same function. They prevent harmful debris and contaminants you run into on the road from coming into the vehicle and causing damage. The air filter stops contaminants from going into your engine while the cabin filter prevents dirt, dust, pollen and other pollutants from entering the vehicle through the AC system