5.0 star rating
To make a long story short -my old trusted mechanic decided to go the way of the sheisty mechanics that are out there and placed the wrong fuel pump in my car. I used him for years, and I’m pretty sharp at reading the BS and had enough car issues that I’m savvy enough to know when it makes sense. In fact, there were times when he saved me money. Anyway, the ol’ mechanic changed, and I guess he wanted that ol’ engine light to bring me back. He placed a fuel pump in that left my fuel pump sensor with nowhere to go but to get zip-tied off. That’s right, zip-tied. I didn’t know this yet so due to me trying to get rid of my engine light as soon as possible (my old mechanic is across town) I went to Cliff’s Car Tech. This is where I was shown the problem. This mistake was such a bad one -not even a newby mechanic would make it. It doesn’t matter, Cliff took real good care of me. The man and his shop are honest people. He showed me the problem, explained and showed me the cost of the part. To top it off, he is only 5 minutes away from me. No need to go across town, no need to worry about sheisty mechanics -and if you get a chance to have a conversation with him -you’ll see what I mean by a good man that’s not there to give you the shaft -just the truth. I feel real comfortable with Cliff. I’m a computer tech that lives in Cypress but works at the medical center. I don’t need the BS. Just the skinny, please. Anyway, ladies and gentlemen -we have an honest to goodness ASE Certified Master Technician right here in Cypress, Texas who guarantees his work for 3 years. GAH-RON-TEEZ…What are you waiting for?…I know where I’m going from now on. Thank God, for that.

By the way, my car runs great now.

Thanks, Cliff!

Miguel A. Guerrero
2009 Silver Chevy Malibu LT

Miguel G., yelp
5.0 star rating
I really like this place. There are honest people, they did an excellent job on my car and educated me on what was wrong with my car, how long was it going to take and they price was fair. Thank you for the excellent service guys!!!!
Juan S., yelp

5.0 star rating
Wow. Cliff and his staff are beasts at what they do. I was amazed by how much he knew and he saved me from buying a lemon car (from a dealership!) that would have cost me $6k in repairs that they were hiding. I will definitely be coming back to him. He seems to take this all very seriously and being honest is his default. It’s nice to find an honest person.

Bethany S, yelp
5.0 star rating
Moved to the area recently and needed a trusty mechanic. This place is honest and they do great work! Got an AC last year and this year an alternator. After the alternator my engine ran hot and I thought I would need a new radiator. Took it back but they had accidentally unplugged a fan during alternator repair so they were honest about the mistake and didn’t charge me for the diagnostic. Not every day you find mechanics so honest they are willing to admit their mistakes and make it right. Cliff’s has my business as long as I live here and would recommend it to anyone in the area!
Christine H, yelp