Car-tech Promise

As a family owned business we understand the demands put on your vehicle and the importance of the loved ones you put in it. Our goal is to keep your vehicle properly maintained and your family safely on the road. We will strive to make the servicing and repair process as easy and inexpensive as possible. We promise when you walk into Cliff’s you will receive the highest level of service, both in the quality of work our technicians perform and the customer service you will receive from our experienced, friendly staff members.

You will experience a family level of service at Cliff’s Car-Tech

Honesty and Transparency

Unfortunately the automotive repair industry has a long history of being generally distrusted by consumers

Every member of the Cliff’s Car Tech team is dedicated to bringing each and every one of our customers honest and transparent auto service they know they can count on. At Cliff’s Car-Tech you will never be pressured for repairs or replacements you don’t need, and you will never pay for services your vehicle doesn’t need. With decades of combined practical experience, our team will diagnose and repair your vehicle’s issues accurately, ethically and correctly; the first time. The team at Cliff’s Car-Tech will always strive to help you understand your vehicle repair needs as well as all of your options. We will give fair and up-front pricing and will never go forward with any services to your vehicle without your consent.

Our customers are loyal because our repairs are honest.

ACService and Repair

Dependable Automotive A/C Service and Repair From the professionals at Cliff’s Car-Tech. If you’ve ever had a climate control problem in your car or truck, you know how uncomfortable driving can become—especially in the warmer Texas months. If your AC system isn’t giving you the relief you need, then we certainly invite you to contact our experienced Automotive A/C Service and Repair professionals at Cliff’s Car-Tech today for service.

Providing Car Care You Can Trust

If your Automotive A/C isn’t working, there could be a number of different causes. Therefore our ASE-certified technician is ready to diagnose the problem and offer you viable options for repairs or replacement

Common AC Problems:

  • Clogged or leaking Condenser
  • Improper refrigerant level
  • Refrigerant cross-contamination
  • Unresponsive pressure switches
  • Damaged compressor
  • Broken belt
  • Clutch issues
  • Moisture and debris
  • Leaks
  • A/C control head malfunctions

At Cliff’s Car-Tech, we use the latest diagnostic technologies to get to the bottom of our customers’ automive a/c problems and as a result we are able to offer reliable, cost-effective solutions for your A/C problems. If your car isn’t getting as cool as it should, or if you’ve noticed a strange smell or a leak, we certainly invite you to call our experienced team of professionals today.


Air Filters

Dirty cabin air filters have a way of reducing the air flow that your AC system puts out. Replacing your filter is a simple and cost-effective way to improve the flow and sanitation of your car’s air.

Leaking Refrigerant

Tubes and seals wear down over time. As they wear down or lose elasticity, it can lead to refrigerant leaks.  Maintaining proper refrigerant levels can be difficult. Excessive freon can keep the system from keeping the air cool, while too little freon can create the same symptom.


When it comes to auto AC repair, there are a great number of different issues that could be causing your car’s AC to function improperly. Every car is different, and we approach each Automovtive AC Repair by diagnosing the root of the problem.

Think your auto AC is in danger of failing? Here are a few things to be aware of:

Sound – If your auto AC is making strange noises – either through the vents or under the hood – your air conditioning could be failing.

h5 data-fontsize=”16″ data-lineheight=”22″>Smell – If your car has taken on an unexplained odor, it could be more than just day old fast food in the back seat – your evaporator could have bacteria / fungal buildup, or you could be leaking freon from the system.

Feel – If your AC is blowing out inconsistent temperatures that vary wildly and fluctuate, you might have ice accumulating in your AC, or there could be bigger problems with your compressor, or other components in the system.

If you’re not looking forward to sweating in your car all summer, Cliff’s Car-Tech can help you examine, diagnose and repair whatever is ailing your air conditioning system.

Our experts answer frequently asked questions regarding AC maintenance:

How Often Should My A/C Be Inspected?

You should have your air conditioning system inspected any time you notice a difference. Some noticeable differences may be the air isn’t as cold as it’s supposed to be, or it’s taking far too long for your vehicle to produce cold air. We can find out exactly why your AC isn’t working with just a simple inspection.

What Does “Recharging the System” Mean?

An auto repair mechanic may tell you that your AC system needs to be recharged. In other words, the system needs more refrigerant, also called Freon. Refrigerant is an agent that cools the air before it reaches the cabin of the vehicle.

Refilling the system with more Freon should be done with caution. Because your AC is a closed system, it’s possible that there’s a leak. When a leak isn’t fixed, it can cause much bigger problems with your air conditioner or cooling system. And PLEASE don’t try to recharge your AC system with freon from the parts store that has SEALANT in it, because you can create bigger problems, resulting in costly needed replacement of system components.  However, there’s no need to worry. With an AC performance check, we can find the issue and have you cruising down the road in no time!

Is the Cabin Filter the Same Thing as the Air Filter?

No. The cabin and air filter are entirely separate filters. That being said, all automotive filters have the same function. They prevent harmful debris and contaminants you run into on the road from coming into the vehicle and causing damage. The air filter stops contaminants from going into your engine while the cabin filter prevents dirt, dust, pollen and other pollutants from entering the vehicle through the AC system.


Simply put, if your brakes are not functioning properly, then you, your family, and others on the road run the risk of an accident. We can check your brakes quickly, even during a routine oil change. And if you think that they aren’t working properly, it is critical that you schedule a repair with a trusted mechanic today. At Cliff’s Car-Tech, we pride ourselves on not only providing reliable, top-quality auto repair work, but also on the high standards we set for transparency and customer service.
Common indicators of a brake problem include:

  • The brake warning light
  • Brake noises (squeaking or screeching)
  • A burning smell when the brakes are applied
  • Rumbling or vibration in the steering wheel
  • The need to press the brake harder than usual

If you are experiencing any of these signs in your vehicle, Cliff’s Car-Tech is ready to assist you. Our experienced technicians know that brake functionality extends beyond brake pads. Come on in and let us check out those brakes.

Cooling System

Coolant flushes provide many benefits to your cooling system. It is important to maintain your cooling system, just like every other part of your vehicle. If you don’t remember when your vehicle last had a coolant flush or you think it may be time, our team is ready to help you.

Keeping your engine at optimum operating temperature is the main goal of the cooling system. The cooling system utilizes coolant (also called antifreeze) to dissipate heat created by the combustion engine. The cooling system does not need a full maintenance overhaul with every oil change, but the antifreeze levels and quality  should be checked and corrected.


The engine cooling system is comprised of several parts, including:

  • The water pump
  • the radiator
  • thermostat
  • coolant fan heater core
  • coolant reservoir
  • and of course the coolant

First things first, the cooling system is not the AC system. This could be a fatal mistake for your engine. While air conditioning is a nice luxury, the cooling system is vital to your car’s drivability.
The cooling system has three primary functions:

  • Keeps the engine from overheating
  • Keep the engine’s temperature high enough to meet emission requirements
  • Provide heat in the winter

When Should You Schedule A Maintenance Service?

Most manufacturers recommend full service every 30,000-60,000 miles (or 3-5 years). While your cooling system does not need frequent work, there’s no better auto repair shop than Cliff’s Car-Tech.



Is your check engine light on?

Come to Cliff’s Car-Tech to quickly and accurately diagnose your vehicle’s problem.
We are utilizing cutting-edge computer technology, paired with years of experience. We can successfully pinpoint any issues you may be experiencing, and will honestly advise you on necessary repairs. Contact us today, we can help!

Check Engine Light

The vehicles of today are incredibly complex. Without the right equipment, it is impossible to know what your check engine light means. Many things can cause this light to turn on, something as simple as a dirty wire on an air intake sensor can create havoc on your engine’s performance.

Vehicle Repairs

After our ASE-certified technician has confirmed what’s interfering your vehicle’s performance, our service advisor will describe all the issues in detail. We’ll also give you a cost estimate for any repairs we recommend. You’ll make the ultimate decision before we get started.

Service You Can Trust

Many of our clientele have been with Cliff’s Car-Tech for years.  We win those types of clients with honesty and fair competitive pricing, one repair at a time. We are in it for the long-haul and we want to keep your family safely on the road. At Cliff’s Car-Tech, we never settle for anything less than long-lasting repairs completed by experienced technicians. Our services include repairs and maintenance on your entire vehicle, from bumper to bumper.  Visit us today for professional computer diagnostics and car repairs. We will do it right the first time!

Our Approach to Electrical Issues

Dependable auto repairs from the professionals at Cliff’s Car-Tech.

If your vehicle seems to be having any electrical problems, the experienced professionals at Cliff’s Car-Tech are ready to hear from you.

Most mechanical functions nowadays depend on electrical components. Your car is controlled by a complex network of wires, sensors, and computers working together. If communication along these wires is interrupted, it could have major consequences for several components of your vehicle. We focus on an honest, transparent, service approach that keeps our customers behind the wheel and in control when it comes to the health of their vehicles. The dedicated auto technicians at Cliff’s are ready to assess your vehicle and get you back on the road as quickly, safely, and affordable as possible.

Common Electrical Issues

Computers control your car. Starters, alternators, air conditioning systems, and many other components are now computer driven. Sometimes what seems like a major failure is merely a software bug. Our technicians will make sure you don’t waste money on unnecessary parts.

A loose cable, a faulty wire, or a dirty connection could appear to be a bigger problem than it is. If your battery isn’t receiving a charge, the alternator might need replacement. But you’ll receive a full system check, not just a recommendation for parts you might not need. We check the basics before we recommend any major repairs. We care about your car and we respect your budget.



An engine is a complex machine, consisting of many moving parts and electrical systems operating at high temperatures alongside complicated mechanical components. Houstonians demand a lot out of their vehicle’s engines especially during those Houston commutes. We understand the demand placed on vehicles these days and take the welfare of your engine seriously. Cliff’s Car-Tech offers several services to keep your engine running.

Providing Car Care You Can Trust


Control your fleet repair cost!

Cliff’s Car-Tech provides reliable, comprehensive fleet services. Our skilled mechanics will work quickly and efficiently to provide long-lasting affordable solutions. We will help keep your business running smoothly and profitably by keeping your drivers safe and reducing downtime due to vehicle repairs. Let Cliff’s Car Tech worry about  your vehicle’s maintenance for you, so you can focus on what you do!.
With 12 work bays our shop is equipped to handle a large volume of vehicles at any one time. We fix foreign and domestic and offer a 2 year nationwide warranty! You can be sure that when you bring your car or truck to Cliff’s Car-Tech – we’ll get the work done efficiently, properly and as quickly as possible.

What you can expect from our fleet services:

  • We’ will meet with your fleet manager to custom-tailor a programs that works for your company
  • Fleet Account Discounted Pricing (through economies of scale and volume)
  • Central Billing
  • Nationwide Warranty
  • Towing, Pick Up and Delivery
  • Annual Preventative Maintenance Programs

Call 281-855-2211 to take advantage of our Fleet Services.


Cliff’s Car-Tech is a locally trusted and respected auto repair facility. We provide quality services for affordable prices, and we get the job done right. Additionally, we treat each of our loyal customers like our neighbors, giving them an honest, reliable friendly level of service.

  • Proactive Maintenance – To ensure your service vehicles work seamlessly, it is important to regularly maintain them. We’ve got you covered with out annual Preventative Maintenance Program
  • Minimal Down Time – We understand your fleet has business to attend to, we’ll get the work done efficiently, properly and as quickly as possible
  • Nationwide Warranty – The Nationwide warranty protects your fleet for two years or for up to 24,000 miles. Ask us about it
  • Close Relationship with Customers – Unlike other repair shops, we will take the time to understand your business needs. We create customized service plans for your fleet vehicles. Cliff’s Car-Tech is a local business and a proud supporter of local business!


Regular vehicle maintenance is one of the best ways to keep your vehicle performing at its best. We can take care of all the scheduled Tune Ups and maintenance services your car needs.  At Cliff’s Car-Tech, we can help you stay on top of all your automotive needs

Providing Car Care You Can Trust

What Does Scheduled Maintenance Include?

As part of the tune-up, we will provide an inspection of your vehicle and offer  to provide service where needed. Before any further work is done, a service advisor will talk to you about the problem, how it will affect you, and what it will cost to fix it and help you to prioritize any necessary repairs. What we won’t do is suggest unnecessary repairs.

These might include

  • Transmission Flush
  • Washer Fluid Refills
  • Oil Changes
  • Tune-Ups
  • Coolant Refills
  • Light Bulb Replacement

Cliff’s Car-Tech Will Keep You Driving

Why should you come to Cliff’s Car-Tech for your tune-up? Our skilled technicians only use the best parts and products for every service. We have been providing high-quality auto care to our Cypress and Katy area residents since 2007, and we know the importance of customer satisfaction in this industry. Our customers are our neighbors and we treat them like friends!


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